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                The Summer Okanagan Wine Festival


                It's no secret that the Okanagan is a great place to spend the summer. And summer is the time of festivals. So why not add a wine festival to your to-do list? Exactly.

                Previously hosted by our good friends at Silver Star Mountain Resort in Vernon, the Summer Okanagan Wine Festival has grown so big that it needs more room…say, the whole of the Okanagan. That's right. You can now celebrate summer in true Okanagan style: with a wine glass in hand, wherever you are.

                Wineries and restaurants up and down the Okanagan join in the fun as events spill over from city to town to community, all with the same thing in mind: eat, drink and have fun. From dinner in the vineyard at sunset to wine and food pairings with award-winning local chefs, the Summer Okanagan Wine Festival is just the thing to kick your vacation up a notch – or give you an excuse to get away from it all.

                Lush vineyards and stark, desert beauty. Sunshine and cool wines. That's a holiday.

                Future Summer Okanagan Wine Festival

                2011 – July 8-16
                2012 – July 7-15
                2013 – July 6-14
                2014 – July 5-13
                2015 – July 4-12

                Location:1527 Ellis Street Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada


                欢乐生肖@ 庄园列表

                ·Cattail Creek
                ·Chateau des Charmes
                ·Coyote's Run
                ·Cedar creek estate winery
                ·Niagara College
                ·Sunnybrook Farm
                ·The Spring Okanagan Wine Festival
                ·The Summer Okanagan Wine Festival
                ·The Fall Okanagan Wine Festival
                ·The Winter Okanagan Wine Festival

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