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                The Spring Okanagan Wine Festival


                It's been called one of Canada's best small festivals, and it's right here in the Okanagan.

                After watching their vines sleep for months, local BC winemakers and vineyards celebrate the arrival of spring and the waking of the vines with a glass – or two – of wine. And our BC winemakers want you to join them.

                They're sociable like that. Spread over the first ten days in May, the Spring Okanagan Wine Festival busts loose with over 100 events throughout the valley and it continues to grow each year. The Festival is deeply rooted in Okanagan terroir – which you'll experience through a plethora of dining and wine-ing events.From light lunches to gourmet dinners served in spectacular settings, the wine and food community will wow you – year after year.

                Whether you come for a day, a weekend or a week, the Spring Okanagan Wine Festival is a great way to meet the season's new debutante wines and taste what the Okanagan is truly all about. Great wine. Gourmet food. Gracious hospitality.

                Future Spring Okanagan Wine Festivals:

                2011 – Apr 29-May 8
                2012 – May 4-13
                2013 – May 3-12
                2014 – May 2-11
                2015 – May 1-10

                Location:1527 Ellis Street Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada



                ·Cattail Creek
                ·Chateau des Charmes
                ·Coyote's Run
                ·Cedar creek estate winery
                ·Niagara College
                ·Sunnybrook Farm
                ·The Spring Okanagan Wine Festival
                ·The Summer Okanagan Wine Festival
                ·The Fall Okanagan Wine Festival
                ·The Winter Okanagan Wine Festival

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